- Yanthra


Vedic Yanthras are geometrical figures intended to represent basic energies and graphical representation of manthras which can be drawn, engraved or paint on gold, silver and copper sheets. Yanthras are designed to remove the afflictions to obtain particular result and some of them are described below. The selection of the Yanthra would be decided by the priest (Thanthri / Astrologer) after verifying the birth chart.

. Rajagopala Yanthra:- To get prosperity and attraction.

. Santhanagopala Yanthra:- To get children for couples.

. Govardhanagopala Yanthra:- To get prosperity through cattles�.

. Dhanwanthari Yanthra:- To get relief from diseases.

. Sreerama Yanthra:- To achieve victory and prosperity.

. Saraswathy Yanthra:- To get wisdom and education.

. Mruthumjaya Yanthra:- To get improvement in longevity and health.

. Mahalakshmi Yanthra:- To increase wealth and prosperity.

. Swayamvara Yanthra:- To get life partner towards running happy life.

. Vashya Yanthra:- To get attraction among the public and benefit through business.