- Thanthram


Thanthra Shasthra is an ancient system, strictly designed and followed only in Kerala, perhaps the place where the thanthra is practiced and performed in wider sense with an aim to develop individual potentials. Here, the temples are consecrated strictly In-accordance with thanthra and manthra as the temple structure is considered as a replica of a human body.

The influence of a temple is to protect the area where it is situated and to get positive energy to the families residing nearby, since the soul of a temple is THE SOURCE OF GENERATING POSSITIVE VIBRATION.

Thanthric Karmas are being done by an expert in the field with patrimonial quality known as THANTHRY, who can handle the rites starting from ACHARYA VARANAM, BHOO PAREEKSHA, BHOO PARIGRAHAM, VASTHU BALI through various formalities to PRATHISHTA including DWAJA PRATHISHTA, SAHASRAKALASHAM and KUMBHABHISHEKAM. He gets the sole authority to decide each and every aspects of the temple.