- Pooja


Vishnu Pooja

Is performed to remove the curse of Gods, respected persons and ancestors.

Chakrabja Pooja

Is the utmost level pooja perform to get all the happiness and prosperity in life with the blessings of Lord Mahavishnu at maximum level or to get salvation for the soul of ancestors.

Swayamvara Parvathy Pooja

Is performed to get good happy married life along with name and fame.

Navagraha Pooja

Is done for getting blessings from the Gods who are representing 9 planets.

Uma Maheshwara Pooja

Is done to remove all the obstacles towards marriage, to get long and happy married life.


Is performed to get off very serious sarpa dosha due to harm done to snakes or any kind of reptiles knowingly or unknowingly, for obtaining the pleasure back in life.

Vasthubali & Panchashira Sthapanam

Is performed for removing all evils occurred to the land during the time of the construction of a building and to get blessing of Vasthu Devathas.

Lakshmy Pooja

Is performed to please Mahalakshmy the Goddess of prosperity and wealth, towards getting the blessings.

Bhagavathy seva

Is done for getting all the beneficial blessings from the Goddess Durga in life.

Saraswathy pooja

Is done for getting blessings from Goddess Saraswathy; who is the controller of speech, wisdom, and education.