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Brahmasree P G Mohanan Potty belongs to the illustrious Peralaya Family of Kasargod District, Kerala. The Peralaya Tulu Brahmin family had a number of eminent acharyas well versed in Vedic tantric rites and astrology. Brahmasree Mohanan Potty was initiated into tantra after his upanayana ceremony at the age of 8.

Initially the tantric Guru was his father Brahmasree P R Gopalakrishnan Potty from whom he learnt the poojas. Subsequently under the tutelage of Brahmasree Gururaja Acharya, Srivaraham, Karnataka he learnt the complex and esoteric aspects of Vedic tantric rites including temple consecration. He learnt Vedic Astrology from Professor N E Muthuswamy a renowned astrologer and author of numerous books on astrology.

In his quest for further knowledge Shri Mohanan Potty acquired HORARY ASTROLOGY (Prasna Shasthra) is a branch of Vedic Astrology, which is widely used across Indian sub continent. Its advanced forms are ASTAMANGALA PRASNA & DEVA PRASNA. They are most popular and famous methods for its traditional use in Kerala. Presently he is authoring few books on Tantra and Astrology by compiling knowledge from rare Sanskrit scriptures and manuscripts.

Moreover, he is the Thanthri for around 100 temples and able to do the services of Thanthram, Homam, Pooja & Yanthram at your convenient location and in case of Astrology, services can be provided either through email or direct.